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After receiving many comments from Mormons on my website, I realized that a critical piece of my argument was absent: the validity of the Mormon claim of "revelation."

All of the Bible and Book of Mormon quotes I use to challenge the current Mormon beliefs are quickly tossed aside by Mormons, who justify their beliefs by revelations.  They claim that God has revealed to them the doctrines regarding the nature of God, polytheism, polygamy, blood atonement, etc.  Revelation does not and cannot justify their beliefs.  I'll explain why.

First, we probably all agree that God has revealed information about himself through the Biblical prophets in the Old Testament and also through Jesus and His Disciples.  But what is revelation?  According to the American Heritage College dictionary, a revelation is a "dramatic disclosure of something not previously known" or "a manifestation of divine will or truth."

Let us apply this definition to the Mormon claims of revelation.

As I clearly demonstrate using both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, it was known and revealed since Old Testament times that there is only one God, one single creator of the entire universe, one Almighty Being, consisting of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  This fact was reinforced by Jesus.  The FACT that there is only one God is not up for reconsideration.  If "God" revealed to Joseph Smith that there were really countless gods, then "God" would be a liar.  Of course, God cannot be a liar, since lying is a sin.  God didn't reveal to Copernicus that the Earth was round and then it became so, the Earth was round when God created it.  Similarly, when God says that He is the first and the last and beside Him there is no God, are we to question that and wonder if he will later reveal the existence of countless gods?  I should hear a resounding NO from each of your mouths.

In regard to Polygamy, the Mormons would likely argue that God's divine will was to basically make a policy change and allow polygamy.  Surely God can do that, right?  God can do anything, but that doesn't mean He would.  Consider this: God declares in the Book of Mormon that it was an abomination for David and Solomon to have many wives and concubines, that each man should have only one wife and no concubines.  The Mormons then claim that God has always had many wives and that polygamy is a necessary doctrine for them to attain godhood.  Does anyone else think that the god of the Mormons is a hypocrite?  Furthermore, consider the relative timing of this revelation.  God condemns polygamy from the time of Christ for 1800 years.  He then reveals to Joseph Smith that polygamy is necessary to attain godhood, but within twenty years, following a decree by the United States government, reveals that polygamy should no longer be practiced.  Maybe the god of the Mormons finds that funny

This same logic can be applied to the rest of the Mormon beliefs.  Facts do not change and God does not lie.  A revelation must survive that test to be considered valid.